If you are starving, you are ready for Foodhunt!

The most exciting way to taste the local food for the participants is Foodhunt. On a specially crafted journey, you have to complete the missions and keep on the right track in order not to starve and be able to taste the local delicatessen.

Each team has different tasks, as find one starter, salad, main dish, sweets. Teams have to find their recipe on the map. Take a photo of their meal, and find out how to cook. End of the game all this resipes combine together and have a ’ Turkish Resipe Book’ with pictures. Each participant will have printed book of recipes as a present. They can write down the notes taken by them during the activity in their books.

Participants: 5 – 500
Time: 60 – 180 minutes
Gains: Teamwork and Cooperation, Motivation, Ice breaker, High energy

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