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M3 Works

Founded in 2005,

M3 Works is Turkey’s best corporate event planning company,
dedicated to individuals and business professionals,
promoting values that will be useful in many areas of life.

M3 Works offers indoor & outdoor workshops, creative workshops, outstanding activities, relaxing trips, and entertaining competitions from small groups of 3 people to mega groups of 10,000 people. M3 Works provides professional musicians, dancers, and artists for your corporate activities. It also provides various marketing tools that will be beneficial for companies by which they meet with customers, such as, foyers, picnics, fairs, universities, and seminars.

In 2015, 2016, and 2017; M3 Works received the Best Event Supplier Awards at the World Tourism Forum, for three consecutive years. Our founder Erdem Genç is awarded as “Turkey’s Most successful Young Person” by the International Young Entrepreneurs and Leaders Association, a professional organization with branches in more than 100 countries. In 2017, he is selected the “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” at the Youth Summit of Turkey, and most recently in 2018, he is selected “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Kültür University, an established private university in Turkey.

With 14 years of experience,

M3 Works is the only address for your corporate event planning…

Event Categories

With nearly 300 events in 12 different categories, M3 Works has a unique portfolio of corporate events.

Event Benefits

The M3 Works activities provide individuals with many benefits to use in their business and personal lives:

  • Sense of Belonging

  • Endurance

  • Balance

  • Fun

  • Strength

  • Speed

  • Communication

  • Cooperation
  • Resource Management

  • Concentration

  • Coordination

  • Leadership

  • Motivation

  • Self-confidence

  • Sharing

  • Practical Intelligence

  • Social Responsibility

  • Stress Management

  • Team Work

  • Creativity

Why M3 Works?

No work is too small or too big for us. We protect our business ethics consisting of 6 simple rules.

At M3 Works cooking workshops, we discover the flavors of the world cuisine with the participants. Moving employees away from their work routines, even for a day, and seeing the enthusiasm on their faces while they are creating a meal makes my day.
Burcu / Instructor

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