Social Clubs

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We are providing support services for your company’s social clubs such as instructor, club coaching, training materials, sound, light and display systems.

You can improve yourself and increase your talents by our individualized instructions which take place in Taksim, Tünel, Harbiye and Kadıköy. You can enjoy your time with your colleagues out of the office or you can enliven your meetings by our activities.

Music Club

Creating some activities such as music club or rhythm club, guitar club , establishing a club in your company or in our studios, Group coaching, trainings and all other support works are held.

Photo Club

Basic and advanced photography courses can be organized your company or in our studio with local and foreign photographers, fashion photography, street photography, documentary photography, special workshops, and photo trips.

Painting Club

With different painting techniques according to different interest are used in our workshops and it continues by private and group works after basic training.  Required material acquisition and preparing an exhibition are subsidized by us.

Theater Club

For the project that will be organized in your club, support activities are provided for all trainings, stage-decor, costumes with the leadership of a professional theater actor and trainer.

Dance Club

For the works that will be held in your company or in our studio, Founding special groups such as Tango Club, Salsa Club, Oriental Club, founding a club, group coaching, trainings and support works.

Literature Club

There are reading and writing workshops. After training of groups in writing workshops, they are supported to publish into a book of their writing.

Healthy Life Club

Lack of concentration and lowness of energy are the most negative effects on business life. The underlying reasons of that are malnutrition, sleep disorder and inactiveness.

We are making people to start the day more energetic and we are increasing their concentrations by teaching them balanced nutrition, regular training and regular sleep by the workshops which are given under the leadership of Healthy Life Coach and NLP Specialist Fırat Çakır.

Also by increasing self-confidence we are contributing the activeness about team work as an outcome of letting people to have a better physical and psychological nature.

We are supporting your employees in the fields, which are written downwards, one-to-one by turning your company into a “Healthy Life Center”. In one day our one team can have one-to-one sessions with 30 employees without hindering business life under favor of our optimized system. The modules that we applied:

-Balanced Nutrition

-Regular Sleep Routine


-Effective Use of Brain

Who is Fırat Çakır?

Healthy Life Coach and NLP Specialist Fırat Çakır has five published books about healthy life. Marmara University Sport Academy graduated writer, created his individual training program after 26 education programs given by World Fitness Federation. Up to the present he had many TV shows on tens of TV channels, wrote as a columnist for newspapers and nowadays he is preparing and presenting a TV show called “Let the Healthy Life be Your Career” (also the name of his last book) on Beykent University TV.