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On this page, we’ve provided frequently asked questions about the events offered by M3 Works.

Before Events

We have many events for companies of all sizes, from boutique groups with fewer than 10 participants to mega groups of 5,000 people. So far, we have done special events for groups as small as three people. Some examples from our most crowded events were a teamwork workshop for Bosch Bursa plant in Turkey for 7,500 people and a teamwork activity for 8,000 in the Youth Summit.

We operate anywhere in Turkey, and Cyprus, and we can serve you in any country in the world. Among the countries we have served previously are Azerbaijan, Romania, Serbia, Germany, Mauritius (Africa), and Australia.

Duration of events are indicated on the events pages of our website and on the relevant event pages of M3 Works catalog. Our event duration ranges from 5 minutes to a full day. Events can even be organized for consecutive days.

We can place our flexible activities and workshops, according to your program. We also recommend our foyer activities for meeting breaks if requested.

We can shape our events according to your budget.

We make the most appropriate choice of venue, according to the type of activity. For indoor activities, we can use the meeting rooms within your company, dining halls or meeting rooms of selected hotels. For outdoor activities, we can use locations such as your company’s parking lot, a hotel’s garden, public/private beaches, or recreation areas.

We can work with all kinds of companies, institutions, organizations, and NGOs. So far, we have organized many activities in cooperation with state institutions, universities, associations, and NGOs.

The sooner we start working, the better it will be. The preparation process for certain events is long, so, we may need to get your confirmation around 5 to 10 business days in advance. However, we always have events available in our warehouses for your last-minute requests.

Our activities are usually “all inclusive”. However, for some special events, we may need certain information from your company, in advance. If you pick such event, we specify these conditions in our offer letter.

For your last minute requests, we always have solutions available.

We can visit your company to make a presentation based on your availability. In order to be able to decide on a day, please contact us by calling +90 (212) 241-4171, by emailing to info@m3.com.tr, or by using the contact form on our website.

You can contact us via e-mail info@m3.com.tr,  or by using the contact form on our website, or by calling us at +90 (212) 241-4171. Please do not forget to specify the “event location”, “event date”, and “number of people attending to your event” in your requests. In addition, if you can specify “the department you are working at”, “the purpose of the event”, “the duration of the event”, and “expected outcomes from your event (team work, motivation, etc.)”, we can offer a more tailor-made options.

During Events

The more information you provide to us during your request, the more prepared we will be for special participants. We are prepared for every occasion.

We would like to help you according to your preferences.

Most of our events are suitable for participants at all levels. However, some sporting activities require high levels of effort/endurance. If you have such an activity requested, we will specify what you should be prepared for, in our offer letter.

By learning the predicted weather conditions on the date(s) of your event, we can be prepared for the weather and adjust our plan to get the highest efficiency from that event.

After Events

We are partnered with many NGOs. If you are interested in an activity with social responsibility attribute, you can focus on activities in our “Social Responsibility” page. We have done so many activities with NGO’s and we continue to do so. The results of these events will be presented to you in detail, after the event is finalized.

We take pictures and videos of all events. We can even provide drone shootings, 3D memorablia, and Gopro action camera shootings for your special event.

If you have any further questions about M3 Works and our activities, you can search our website or contact us.

Editing videos and photos taken at M3 Works events is a part of my job… Our advanced technical capabilities such as 3D printing, video shooting, and drone shooting make our events unique and position M3 Works  differently from other companies.
Adem | Techical Expert

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