Social Clubs Support Services

Social Clubs Support Services2019-02-04T01:45:49+00:00

Company’s social clubs, trainers, clubs, coaching, training materials, audio, lighting and visual systems as well as provide support services.

If you want to get outside and Kadıköy studios Taksim Training company at your service. In addition, trainings meeting room meeting your coloring.

  • Music Club: Creating some activities such as music club or rhythm club, guitar club , establishing a club in your company or in our studios, Group coaching, trainings and all other support works are held.
  • Photography Club: Basic and advanced photography courses can be organized your company or in our studio with local and foreign photographers, fashion photography, street photography, documentary photography, special workshops, and photo trips.
  • Theater Club: For the project that will be organized in your club, support activities are provided for all trainings, stage-decor, costumes with the leadership of a professional theater actor and trainer.
  • Dance Club: For the works that will be held in your company or in our studio, Founding special groups such as Tango Club, Salsa Club, Oriental Club, founding a club, group coaching, trainings and support works.
  • Literature Club: There are reading and writing workshops. After training of groups in writing workshops, they are supported to publish into a book of their writing.