M3 Works Team

While M3 Works team consists of team members who have diverse professions and work experiences, we unite in one main idea:

“We love our jobs and we’re working very hard to offer you the best events!”

With our full-time staff, located in our headquarters, and our extensive part-time team of professionals,

We want to be the corporate event organization department of your company!

ErdemCEO - Chief Entertainment Officer
Originally a mechanical engineer, Erdem founded M3 Works 14 years ago. Erdem is an award-winning entrepreneur and motivational speaker with over 500 seminars about Entrepreneurship and Teamwork. Erdem is also a licensed racing pilot and amateur photographer. He has 4 published books and a music album.
AdemTechnical Expert
From website management to desktop prints, from video montages to mobile treasure hunting applications, Adem continues his journey of technical mastery in M3 Works.
BurakField Coordinator
Burak, known with his supernatural abilities such as being able to work for weeks with no sleep, driving thousands of kilometers of non-stop journeys, creates wonders in the field and in event preparation.

In addition to dubbing many artists including Angelina Jolie, she has been our favorite chef for our food-related events, and has hosted food shows for the biggest television networks for years.

EsraCustomer Relations
Although customer relationship management seems a serious job, Esra does this with sincerity and organizes a lot of meetings in the most extraordinary way.

GörkemAdministrative Affairs & Procurement
After graduating with a business degree, Görkem joined our team at M3 Works. He is a professional Airsoft shooting athlete. Although he is responsible for Administrative Affairs and Procurement, he demonstrates his skills in all events requiring technical work.

GülizarFinancial Affairs
Gülizar started her career in M3 Works after completing her accounting degree.
While she has a finance background, she shows her talents in many corporate events.
KadirFinancial Affairs
Kadir, who has extensive experience in the area of finance management for the luxury hotels for years, is appreciated for his unique style.
With his vast language and percussion skills, Korhan manages music workshops in English, Spanish and Russian, as well as inTurkish.
MertProject Coordinator
Mert, experienced in both organizations and education sector throughout his career is like the Swiss army knife, contributes to both training and events.

Our award-winning chef Metin helps participants to make high-level food presentations in food and beverage workshops.
TeomanActor & Instructor
From ice hockey to lifelike modeling, from percussion training to creative drama, Teoman contributes to our team on many areas of art.

Yasin is one of Turkey’s top Latin percussionists, and he has two albums.

YuluğProject Director
Yuluğ has completed his undergraduate studies in San Francisco. He is loved for his superior presentation and entertainment skills.
No matter which venue you choose, the size of your group, or the personality of your teammates, we offer activities that will connect you to each other and will make you have fun.
Bring the creators, leaders, achievers, silent heroes, or athletes in your team to us!
Using technology, creativity, and by considering your unique group dynamics, our experts will help you find the right events in achieving your business goals.

Erdem Genç | CEO, M3Works

Erdem Genç is the founder and CEO-Chief Entertainment Officer of M3 Works, Turkey’s best corporate event management company. He has received many awards in the fields of entrepreneurship and corporate event management. He has given more than 500 seminars on Entrepreneurship and Team Work to private companies, universities, high schools, and non-governmental organizations.

Apart from his memberships in business and non-governmental organizations, he has also four published books, and he is interested in extracurricular activities such as literature, music, and photography.

Erdem Genç continues his doctoral studies on “The Effects of Team Work and Motivation in Business Life” in Aston University, Business Psychology.





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