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treasure huntIts adventure time

The treasure hunt games we play with the tablets or other smart devices by uploaded missions and GPS track system , or the classical treasure hunt games that we play with maps and compasses take teams into a mysterious and magical adventure and a hard yet exciting journey.

This great experience is played by directing the players to the adventure points with a series of questions to their final destinations with the help of iPad or maps and compasses if the classical version is played.  It enables the attendees to work together in a very out of the ordinary and inspiring way.

We can either organize a classical treasure hunt with maps and compasses or we can use all the digital opportunities and enhanced realities that multimedia technologies offer.

Your adventure which starts with a video with your general manager saying “Your mission is, if you accept it…” is accompanied by texts, photographs maps and compasses in your smartphones. A great contribution to teamwork.

Participants: 20 – 500
Time: 60 – 180 minutes
Gains: Teamwork, Communication, Motivation, High energy

• Can be played in Sultanahmet, Grand Bazaar, Topkapı Palace or a prechecked place or inside a building.

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