Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop2020-04-06T14:26:22+00:00

pirate warsWelcome to your own world!In Park Book Writing Workshop you will diversify your sophisticated side and with an esthetic coherence start writing your dreams, ideas and memories. With adventures of heroes that you will create you can convert them into stories or you can fictionalize them with us. Also in this adventure, when you are reflecting your intimate world, you will observe how you improve your communication with your friends in an astonishing way.How many messages do you write in a day? Too many. Right, so can your words be more effective? Yes! The secret lies in your word and expression preferences by using the right language skills. In Park Book Writing workshop, with the writing techniques that are determined by our instructors, you can specify our amusing borders and while discovering your unlimited imagination world you will notice your effectiveness in language.

Participants: Unlimited

Gains: Creativity, Self-reliance, Motivation, High Ene

Time: 120-180 minutes

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