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Our electric skateboards, inspired by the flying skateboard in the Back to the Future movie, are available for use with expert trainers, private tracks and all safety equipment.

Walking Ginger, which is very popular abroad but has just started to be heard in our country, is now in M3 Works. It is called Hoverboard, IO Hawk and Electric Skateboard.

Although it is difficult to use Walking Ginger (Hoverboard, IO Hawk and Electric Skateboard), which is suitable for use in fairs and foyer areas, it is easy and simple to learn. If you want to avoid wasting time between your meetings, you can reach this tool, which provides you with great convenience, from M3 Works.

Bouncing Shoe Experience 

Bouncing Shoes is a shoe that you can make fun movements that are solid, durable and bouncing. Some use this shoe just for fun and some use it to move faster.

Bouncing Shoes used to be imaginary shoes that only appeared in science fiction movies or cartoons. But now these imaginary shoes have come true and people really loved this product.

Jumping Shoes, which can be adjusted for each size of foot, are very easy to use. Jumping Shoes that do not require pre-training are for you.