Video Hunt

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“Another Game In a Game”

Participants will start the activity after taking treause hunt brief.
Treasure hunt gives points in this way:
Classical questions-Duties-Shooting(photography)-Recording(video)
Everybody records funny videos because half of the points comes from recording!

Adventure Hunt takes time between 1,5 hours and 5 hours, points are calculated immediately and after that there will be a ceremony about award.

Movie part starts secretly on the back side after videos are received. 3,5-8 minutes long “the movie” appears fastest in 4 hours.
There will be “the real” final fort he whole teams which are all winners by surprise watching and high energy.

The Movie:
Letter, word(paragraph) and team promotional videos are recorded.
Content and set up is prepared with the company.

Participants: 5-50
Duration: 180 minutes
Gains: Team work and collaboration, Motivation, Deicer, High Energy