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Scavenger hunt on ipad

Pursuit Gaming is a treasure hunt played on a tablet .

The city turns into a board game where the participants travel from one point of interest onto another. This gives them the opportunity to tackle multiple challenges while discovering the city.

This activity is ideal to enable members of staff to take a break from their workplace and to help them forge new relationships with their colleagues.

How does it work?

The participants are divided into several teams, each consisting of 5 to 8 members. Each team receives a tablet. For each game, a map featuring a host of differently colored icons is shown on the tablet. The participants are tracked by GPS. In order to unlock challenges, the participants must be located fewer than twenty meters from the icon.  The games are extremely user friendly as all the instructions required to play appear on the tablet. Each icon category represents a specific type of challenge.

Types of challenges

When taking part in ‘fun’ challenges, the participants will be required to shoot unusual videos, interview passers-by, reproduce folk dances etc.  When faced with ‘puzzle’ challenges, the participants will have to work as a team to find the answers to various riddles. Our ‘history’ challenges will give them the opportunity to discover unusual tales about the locations visited. For our ‘observation’ challenges, the team members will have to identify where photos featuring on old postcards were taken from. When answering ‘culture’ challenges, they will be asked to watch short clips featuring movie scenes which were shot at the exact spot where they are gathered.