Theater Workshop

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You are on the Spotlight!

The stage is a whole other world! It is true that the very first stage was set on earth with the first steps of humanity. Human beings rise and his voice, gestures, behaviours and body transform into somebody else’s. This fun experience is people’s journey to himself at every age. With M3 Works’s expert trainers, while you will reach the finale of a successful performance both at reharsal and on stage, you will get back to the real world with your audience cheering for you in the dark!

You will get a standing ovation!

Discove yourself and your talents with the hospitable time you spend with M3 Works. Your friends and loved ones will be there cheering while you give a successful stage performence with the tecniques and knowledge of improvisational theater. You will experience the rush of the stage!

Other Theater Activities:
Sketches: Played  by proffessional actors performing your product launches or educational topics custumized for you.

Participants: 5 – 5000
Time: Whole day or Half day
Gains: Creativity, Motivation, Self-confidence, High Energy, Teamwork


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