The Rio Carnival and Asma Drums

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rio asmaThe Rio Carnival and Asma Drums

The Rio Carnival with the samba rhythms and instrument helps the participants to be transferred into a huge percussion group, the atmosphere to be transferred into the Rio Carnival. This is the perfect choice if you are looking for a festive activity.

With teams divided by professional percussion performers, we give the training on basic samba rhythms. So, you will witness how beats work collaboratively, This activity is a perfect representative of team work. It makes each attendant an unstoppable power in the team with rhythm and show how different individual sounds create a better whole.

Asma (Side) Drums

Our drum orchestra that is led by team leaders is crowning the strongest rhythms with an enormous show.

Participants: 5-5000
Time: 60-120 minutes
Gains: Team Work and Cooperation, communication, Motivation, Ice Breaker, concentration, High energy.



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