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Scenario: One of your rivals attacks you in order to come into prominence. They infiltrate your center and plant a very sensitive bomb to a place that no one notices. Agents secured the bomb with 5 layered encryption and you are summoned to find the Intel and materials to break the codes. You should complete the missions as a team such as: finding the secret Intel in a limited time, data collection for algorithm, following some clues and people.

There is a bomb in the middle of the room and it counts down. Defusing it is on your team’s hands.

Clues will challenge your mind! Maybe in a book in library, maybe in a safe box behind a table on the wall. If you do not unify your skills with all team members, you can never find the password and you cannot answer the important “Red or blue?” question.

Participants: 20-500
Time: 60-180 minutes
Gains: Team Work, Communication, Concentration, High Energy

Reference Works

Borusan Lojistik