Terrarium & Grass Man Workshop2020-04-10T15:02:53+00:00

Are you ready to make a small garden for your office?

Whether in your home or office, we make your miniature gardens together, which you can incorporate into decoration. The most important feature of the terrarium is that it allows us to live tropical plants that need high humidity, which we would not normally be able to take care of at home.



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Participants: 10-500

Time: 60-120 minutes

Gains: Communication, Motivation, Creativity, Concentration, Fun

An indispensable event even after years: Grass Man

Grass Man Workshop, adults and children design lawns that suit their tastes with the materials they have. We know the world of seeds closely;
We discuss the germination conditions and how to care for the seeds. Then they take the pastures home.

Participants: 10-500

Time: 30-150 minutes

Gains: Communication, Motivation, Fun, Creativity