Survive! Adventure Race

Survive! Adventure Race2020-03-25T10:17:34+00:00

To survive, whole team has to move in synch and has to get ahead of the other team!

Among your missions may be, passing through a lake filled with alligators, escape a giant spider web without getting caought by the spider, riding a bike without touching it.

You will have to be the eyes of your blind team mates and be the ears of the deaf ones!

Difficulty Options
Easy: Can be played indoor
Medium: Needs installations
Hard: Needs installations in nature conditions

Participants: Teams of 5 – 10 up to 10 teams
Time: 90 – 180 minutes
Gains: Developing communication skills, Developing team spirit, Creativity, Fun

survive (1) survive (2) survive (3) survive (4)

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