Secret Mission: School of Heroes

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secret missionIn this adventure, your employees are special agents. This is actually a series of missions which cannot be done without teamwork. First, the team mates who get the mission cards, try to decipher them. In order to complete the whole activity, the cards should be followed carefully and the teams should act fast and collaboratively.

The mission is crucial, time is limited, resources are restricted, the customer is impatient!

Secret Mission consists of modular missions like, various puzzles, cryptic parts, laser guarded walkways, alarms with motion sensors. The length and level of hardness can be adjusted with the time you can offer us. You can also add missions like aikido, percussions and even dance classes. Our agent will most possibly have to tango with her teammate on a mission!
At the end of the event the players who have won the right to become a Special Agent earn their badges and guns. If you want, they can go on a coop mission with the Team Who Saved the World as a second day activity.

Participants: 15 – 200
Time: 120 – 180 minutes
Gains: Teamwork, Communication, Motivation, High energy, Concentration



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