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Sand benches with war plans in the Ottoman Empire turn into sand art, where the story of your company is told in the hands of artists. This three-dimensional way of painting was discovered centuries ago from 3d printers and is now available to you and your teams.

Sand Painting Workshop 

This workshop is great for both kids. Sand Painting Workshop, which appeals to children of all ages, is quite fun. The Sand Painting Workshop, which is also great for the development of children, allows them to learn the colors and numbers while at the same time gaining design skills. Thus, both the children who have fun minutes and perform an instructive activity.

At the same time, the Sand Painting Workshop, which also enables children to socialize, does not decrease for a moment. The fact that the margin of error is very low and absolutely great pictures appear, also helps children gain self-confidence.

Using materials that are absolutely not harmful to health also ensures that children are safe. Sand Painting Workshop, which provides children with both entertainment and educational information.