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M3 Works is presenting an interactive project which is a combination of percussion training, performing in a concert with the whole group, rhythm, motivation, team work and fun.

Performance Workshop is created to form a l rhythm performance group specifically for your corporation. This activity has designed to include everyone in the company from managers to blue-collar workers and it aims to improve the motivation of 5 to 50 participants to produce something collaboratively, strengthen the communication between them and create the team spirit by having fun.

Participants: 5-50
Duration: 60-120 minutes (Much more detailed trainings can be done by increasing the number of workshops)
Gains: Team work and collaboration, Communication, Motivation, Deicer, Concentration, High Energy
Percussion Options: East, Latin, Brazil and Boomwhackers


Increases the energy and sense
Improves the ability of listening
Strengthens focusing and concentration
Improves the personal emotional calm in the group

What is this for? What we do?

Participants come across with a huge variety of multi-coloredlatin percussion instruments when they enter the event area. After informing the participants about the basic rhythm information we start in an amusing mood with pretested rhythm trainings which are simplified.

Djembes and bongos are easy to play. They have authentic and dead sound. Participants learn to make a controlled sound, play call-and-response duet and to be a part of a composition by combining the rhythms all together. They perceive different sound and dynamics of the rhythm orchestra and clap. After that they start to see themselves as an irreplaceable piece of the group.

We end the workshop with a high energy musical celebration which is performed by the attendees.


Please consult us about the size of the event area. The ideal size is the size in which the participants can sit as a circle.

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