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rhythmM3 Works presents an interactive project which includes team work and entertainment, motivation, rhythm in the form of a percussion training for your company.

Motivation Workshop works with scripts that can vary between 20 minutes and 2,5 hours. Its rhythm workshop solution focuses on the team work motivation especially whilst the popular business organizations such as meetings, congresses, and picnics. With the accompany of a percussion group, whole attendants are interactively incorporated into performance. Activities are dynamized, so team spirit is created and group’s motivation is maximized.

Percussion Options

• Orient (Darbuka, Bendir, Tef, Tabla)
• Latin (Cajon, Conga, Tumba, Bongo, Marakas)
• Brazil Samba (Surdo, Pandeiro, Rapinique)
• Asma Drums
• Musical Pipes

Participants: 5-5000
Time: The motivation workshop 20-150 minutes. Performans workshop half-day. Free workshop full day.
Gains: Team Work and Cooperation, communication, Motivation, Ice Breaker, concentration, High energy.

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