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This workshop is a key to attract people’s attention and make your customers involve interactively to the events which will take whole day such as concerts, fairs, festivals, picnics, yacht trips, animations, roadshows etc. Interactive workshops with participants are made by attracting people’s attention in crowded areas. You will specify where the heart of the rhythm is going to beat; and we will build up mobile or stable rhythm workshop specifically for your project.

Participants: 5-25
Duration: 30-40 minutes (Ever-repeating sessions during the day. Ex: hourly between 12:00-19:00)
Gains: Taking the attention on the brand, Creating fun atmosphere, Communication, High Energy, Team work and collaboration, Motivation, Deicer, Concentration
Percussion Options: East, Latin, Brazil and Boomwhackers


Increases the energy and sense
Improves the ability of listening
Increases focusing and concentration
Improves the personal emotional calm in the group
What is this for? What we do?

Simultaneous carnival! Samba rhythms which are formed by many instruments with drumsticks  are a teamwork action. Every piece of it from small size agogo bells and clangorous bells to big size surdo bass drums affects the whole and they are all necessary.

Noisy intro of samba, timely rests and synchronized endings are extremely influential. People really enjoy the performance which is created by themselves.


Please consult us about the size of the event area. The ideal size is the size in which the participants can sit as a circle.

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