Red Room Escape

Red Room Escape2020-03-26T12:42:15+00:00

pirate warsYou cannot find a “solution” and even exit from this room if you do not unite!

“You will get eaten if you don’t work together as a team… It is that simple!” Dr. Oxy

You are stuck with your team in a red room. The door is locked and nobody hears your calls for help. Mobile phones do not get any reception.

It is not easy to get out the room. Quitting by yourself is impossible! You should put your heads together as a team, find clues by using best skills of each members’ and save the team.

Gains: Communication, Leadership, Extraordinary Thinking, Listening, Cooperation, Learning lessons from mistakes.
Time: 60 minutes
Participant: Unlimited with 10 people capacity rooms




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