Photonovel & Today’s Newspaper

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Your product’s or company’s creative story comes alive with the comic strips from your childhood. But this time, the heroes are you!

What you need to do is to use the cameras, costumes, accessories, printing equipment and make a creative comic come to life. Our graphic operators make the final adjustments and print the work for everybody. And of course, the best ones are rewarded.

Today’s Newspaper

A newspaper that delivers the summary of the day after a series of tiring meetings would be nice, wouldn’t it? Now you can take pictures, write interviews, create news and make the headlines: Today’s Newspaper!
The paper you will be created as a team and be printed & distributed to all participants. The best one will be rewarded.

Participants: 5 -52000
Time: 60 – 120 minutes
Gains: Teamwork and Cooperation, Communication, Motivation, Ice Breaker, Concentration, High Energy