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We Are Taking Better Photos Now!

Because of digital cameras, photos are everywhere. From tiny cameras to our cells phones, they are living in our pockets. So what makes that so practical photography an art? How can we take better photos? How should we make a choice about frame, angle, color, light?

We are looking for answers together to all that questions during our day workshops, and after that we are shooting in the area where we are. We can shoot portrait, landscape photos or we can shoot the objects which are brought specifically and create a contest over that. Slide shows are made by the selected photos from workshops and deemed appropriate photos can be prepared with special effects for exhibition on your company.

Participants: Unlimited
Duration: At least one session which is around 4-5 hours. The ideal times are the times when you can use day light max.
Need for Experience: No
Applicability: Indoor, Outdoor




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Reference Works

Türk Telekom


SİF JCB İş Makinaları