Paintball Arena

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pirate warsThe teams are at the real arena of war now!

We wear our camouflages, our weapons are loaded and we are making strategies to conquer our opponents territory. Team with the best strategy, the highest speed and the most effective decisions capture the victory flag!

This activity can also be organized indoors with laser tag technology. The advantage is your ammo will never run out and you won’t have to worry about hurting or painting your opponents.

You have to succeed as a team to win against your opponent either outdoors or indoors in the customized parkours designed for you!

Classic paintball
Laser paintball (without paint, can be played indoors)
Games with special plots: Operation Vietnam, Duel, Protect the President, Rescue the Hostage

Participants: Tournements between teams of 5 – 15
Time: 15 – 60 minutes (per game)
Gains: Developing communication skills, Developing team spirit, Creativity, Fun


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