Musical Pipes

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musical pipesMusical pipes are the most basic formatted percussion activity type. The impact and application of this experience, which is created by using colourful tubes consisting of different notes apiece, makes the rendering of the songs that are easy for the participants and tough for the listeners, winded and great. In this experience, we symbolize the essential notes of every single music track.

The music that is performed during the activity can be your jingle or a remake of well-known song made for your company.

Musical pipes that will turn everyone in the group into a piano key, do not accept any mistakes! This highlights the importance of concentration and team spirit. Once you catch the harmony in the group, you cannot have enough of the emerging rhythmical music.

Participant: 8 – 5000
Time: 30 – 100 minutes
Gains: Ice Breaker, Entertainment and Motivation, High Energy, Shared Experience, Team Work

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