Mosaic Table

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An amazing masterpiece which shows that team’s harmony and cosmopolite structure will createbeautiful and eurythmic total together. An immortal technique comes from Romans’ Zeugma aall the way to your company to strengthen your team bound.

Thousands of small floatstones (mosaics) are combined by skilful hands and creating a huge picture. In that masterpiece which thousands of people can attend, small teams get together and create big teams and big teams get together and create the Mosaic Picture.

Your company’s logo, slogan or a very special visual made by you can be on that picture. Dimensions of the picture is up to your imagination; you can put on your bedside or it can cover the whole wall of your canteen of factory.

Participants: 10- 5000
Duration: 60-90 minutes
Gains: Team work, Slef-confidence, Communication, Creativity, Motivation, High Energy


mosaic (1) mosaic (2) mosaic (3) mosaic (4)

Reference Works

Air Liquide