By creating your company logo/brand name with photos of your employees, you’d give them the message that says “each of you is a keystone for this company. If we lack even one person, this company would incomplete” and we present this to your employees with a spectacular video.

On the video, you first see the group photos with a moving soundtrack (this soundtrack can be your company’s anthem) Then the camera zooms out from the photos, the audience slowly understands what those photos are building up and bingo!

Your gigantic Logo mosaic that is completely created by photos of your employees! An effective performance in order to demonstrate how your workers are crucial for the company’s success. Upon your wish we can prepare and deliver logo mosaic packages, photograph frames, table calendars and a huge print to hang company’s entrance.

Participants: 200- 10000
Delivery time: 3 Week
Gains: Team Work, Motivation and Sense of Belonging



Reference Works

Saruhan Şirketler Grubu


For the details: https://www.m3.com.tr/saruhan-sirketler-grubu-logomozaik/

Bell Holding


For the details: https://www.m3.com.tr/bell-holding-logomozaik/

Turkish Do&Co


For the details: https://www.m3.com.tr/turkish-doco-logomozaik/



For the details: https://www.m3.com.tr/abdica-logomozaik/



Fpr the details: https://www.m3.com.tr/aksigorta-logomozaik/