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In this workshop, each team will create a masterpiece with their artistic abilities, in harmony!

Logo Plate, is an experience which emphasizes the importance of communication and shows the company what kind of abilities their employees have.

Teams with a couple of people are created for Logo Plate. Teams will support each other as how to work with brushes, paints and canvases. Participants will realize that cooperation is the key to success rather than competition.

To achieve a perfect score at Logo Plate, all teams have to work in harmony. A large piece of art, or the company’s logo, products and goals can be the inspiration for the Logo Plate.
Each team will hand the canvases covered, and at the end a huge masterpiece will be brought together in the grand finale.

Participants: 20 – 500
Time: 120 – 150 minutes
Gains: Teamwork, Confidence, Communication, Creativity, Motivation, High Energy



Reference Works

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