kartingHelmets were fitted, engines were started. Checkered flag appeared …
3, 2, 1… Let the race begin!You will experience the pleasure of speed and racing together in karting tournaments where your employees will participate. We are with you in the most successful karting organizations with our well-maintained vehicles, hygienic helmets (even tailored for your logo!). Empower your team’s power with different scenarios and different strategic games.


After taking our security measures and fast training, we set out as a single team, in a single row, with different tools. Difficulty level
As we pass the tracks we choose, we take a break in a suitable place and enjoy the nature. Using a different track, we go to the return road and complete our tour.

4 × 4 Team Off Road

You will enjoy driving in nature and enjoy the adventure in the Off Road activity that we will perform in private trails.