Joinedhands Painting

Joinedhands Painting2020-03-26T12:28:45+00:00

pirate warsThe most fun way to see that everybody is with you at your goal sharing meetings!

A huge painting of unity that combines the creativity and the hand prints of your employees! The artwork will immortalize the activity with the participants’ hand prints and messages on the giant canvas.

You can leave your hand prints on the canvas indoors or outdoors, with bare hands or with gloves and with anycolour you want.

We can also deliver a framed version of the painting, photo frame, calendar or postcard to hang at the entrance of your company.

Hand Prints of Stars: We can also prepare a similar activity with clay and deliver your creative artback to you as permanent sculptures.

Participants: 20 – 2000
Time: 15 – 30 minutes
Gains: Sense of belonging, Motivation, Creativity


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Reference Works

Philip Morris

Aktif Bank