Istanbul Treasure Hunt

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Now It Is Adventure Time!

This new Treasure Hunt game redesigned for our foreign guests is better played after an OldCity tour. Participants get a chance to see the local values while they play the games that takes place in touristic areas lie Antalya Kaleiçi, Bodrum.


iPad treasure hunt lets the participants to have a tough and exciting journey by iPad which is full of history, mystery and fascinating adventure.

This extraordinary experience is played by guiding the participants to the last task by collecting adventure points which are taken after a series of questions. An unbelievable and unique experience which inspires the participants to work together!

Participants: 20-500
Time: 60-180 minutes
Options: iPad, Bluetooth, Strategic Orienteering
Gains: Teamwork, Communication, Motivation, High Energy

* Can be played in historic places like Sultanahmet, Kapalı Çarşı, Topkapı Palace or indoors with an exploration of the place in advance.


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