Breath, Meditation, Yoga and Healthy Living

Breath, Meditation, Yoga and Healthy Living2020-04-06T14:01:23+00:00

Let yourself go and relax!

Every employee comes to the meetings with a mind occupied with a dense worklife and personal life. At Instant Meditation, first, participants focus, have a clearer mind and listen to the messages you want to give them relaxed and without the burden of life’s problems.

Participants are led by music and sound effects, to think about what they want to design for their future lives in peace and motivation.

Healthy Living Workshop
We transform your conference room into a “Health Center” and help your employees about the following topics below. We can make one on one sessions with 30 people, optimized as not to interfere with your daily working schedule.

Our modules include:
Regular diet
Sleeping system
Effective brain use

Participants: 10 – 2000
Time: 20 – 30 minutes
Gains: Rest, Communication, Optimism, Stress Management

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