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Are you exploring with us?

How about going on a journey to discover yourself, your work and your colleagues? We will play, create and analyze the co-creation process amused. Let’s freely explore our awareness together with a creative drama workshop.

What is Creative Drama?

It is the process of activities to reconstruct a word, a concept, a behavior, a sentence, an idea, a life or an event, by using theater or drama techniques such as improvising and role playing, developing games or games within a group work, with the help of old cognitive patterns. Since all the sensory organs are used effectively in the drama method, the communication skills of the individual such as attention, perception, listening, speaking, using the body and explaining and interpreting develop. Thus, the individual learns to express and interpret himself and his problems. Shyness, shyness, etc. ensures that it is purified from negative emotions. Since it is made by playing games, it helps to understand and embody abstract and theoretical events and concepts. Thus, even if things are complicated, one can easily understand and interpret and learn to deal with conflicts positively. It develops and enriches the individual’s imagination. Considering that the discoveries in science and technology are primarily a product of the imagination of the people who find them, it will be easily understood how important the drama is to develop the imagination of children and adults. Also, imagination is an indispensable condition in the creation of art and works of art.

Goals of Creative Drama

Some of the goals of creative drama can be listed as follows: Developing creativity, providing aesthetic development, gaining critical thinking ability, gaining habit of working together, providing social development, developing self-confidence and decision-making skills, gaining language and communication skills, embody abstract concepts or experiences. developing imagination power, feelings and thoughts.

Methods of Creative Drama

Warm-up and Relaxation Studies: It is the work carried out under the leadership of the group leader, which gives the participant the characteristics such as using 5 senses, improving the ability of observation, performing physical and tactile studies, meeting, interacting, trust and adaptation.
Games: It consists of playing games and developing these games within specified rules. Sometimes known children’s games are used.
Improvisation: It is a less precisely determined process, starting from the determined topic or theme or heading towards a determined target in certain stages. These are the works where individual and group creativity come to the fore.
Formation: This process sometimes comes from an unspecified exit point, sometimes an object, picture, photograph, sculpture, etc. begins with communicating with. How the process will develop and where it will arrive is uncertain.

General Objectives of Creative Drama

• Creating creativity and aesthetic development, developing critical thinking ability
• Developing social development and collaboration skills
• Developing communication skills and moral values
• Developing self-knowledge and problem solving skills
• Improving language and listening skills
• To gain the sense of art and spirit and develop the imagination
• To gain the ability to evaluate events
• To improve people’s observations about other people, situations and natural events
• To develop the ability of group planning, group decision making, and new solutions in individuals
• Empathy skills can be summarized as development.

Participants: 5-20

Time: 1-2 hour – Half day

Gains: Creativity, Self-reliance, Motivation, High Energy, Team Work