Food Workshop

Food Workshop2020-03-26T12:52:21+00:00

Mammamia! These tastes are incredible!

A delicious restaurant experience by your teams in which they can take in charge of every detail about corporate identity, kitchen and table arrangement and operation. Of course, to reach that taste is not easy: You are setting up a big and running restaurant. There are tough competitor restaurants and the most important there are tough customers. And the worst thing is these customers are also jury! Of course you need to prepare the tastes, the jury is going to taste, in time and try not their patience. Let’s see who is going to get the Golden Ladle?

Participants: Up to 30 teams, 5-15 members in each team
Duration: 120-180 minutes
Gains: Improving communication skills, Improving team spirit, Creativity, Fun, Teamwork, Concentration, Deicer

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