Catapult Wars

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catapult warsLimited time limited resources and a war is just around the corner

As a team, you must organize, make best choices according to your abilities and make the best use of your team!

You will design the best catapult system and adefence castle with equal number of logs, giant tires, tying equipment given to each team.

The goal is not only to hit the other team’s castle. Every ball that is caught at the castle under attack, gives the team under siege points, too. The important thing is making the highest score possible as a company with all the individual departments (teams) in total.

Participants: 20 – 200
Time: 90 – 120 minutes
Gains: Teamwork, Communication, Motivation, High energy




catapult (1) catapult (2) catapult (3) catapult (4)

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