Bicycle Factory

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We are realizing a needer kid’s “biggest dream” by producing a bicycle.

It is a wonderful team work, as well as social responsibility!

Teams are putting together the pieces of demounted bicycle and bearing alignment after a quick and an intensive training. Some is putting together the handlebar, some is putting together the saddle, another one is pumping up the tyre, someone else setting up the range gearing… Each team produces their own bicycle for different kids, decorates and writes a letter about that they are sending that bicycle as a gift to the kid.

We have a surprise for teams: The kid is waiting at the back his/her bicycle, as well as the ones, produces his/her bicycle and make his/her dream come true, to thank.

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Participants: 10-500
Time: Half of a day (2-3 hours)
Gains: Teamwork and collaboration, Communication, Motivation, Ice Breaker, Social Responsibility, High Energy

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