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This work, which you will experience by working with other rechargeable team works of M3, should be done for a short time.

Benefits: Collaboration, Communication, Motivation, Ice Breaker, Concentration, High energy

Debate Competition
The secrets of being successful in the debate are being discussed quickly and your jury teams will test their skills.

In the competition, which we color with interesting subjects, you should prepare the most creative presentations during your short preparation period and show the most effective speeches focused on the society. “Malkoçoğlu beat, Batman?”, “Should our sales strategy be in the domestic market or in the foreign market?”…

You have to be the best! Remember: In one of our competitions, the team saying “Is yogurt white or black?” Won the question “Black!”.

Working: Education 50-500 people. Competition 6 people.
Time: 60-120 minutes
Achievements: Communication, Self Confidence, Motivation, High Energy, Belonging